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ScrapLand Rust Store


Happy New Years! 

PLEASE NOTE: In order to make a purchase on our store, you must be over the age of 18, 

or have permission to make a purchase from your parent or guardian.

ScrapLand servers shall not be liable for purchases made by a minor.

To keep our server up we need donations, without kits and VIP we cannot handle our server.

We also offer free kits for people who can't afford our paid kits !!! We love giving out to the community free VIP, so if you want to participate in giveaways head to our discord.

ScrapLand is not in charge of bank auto refunds/chargebacks. If chargeback you will get banned (IP).

We update every day as well! For your fun.

We pay for your fun.


Please also welcome our staff team : 

  • UnrealSalty
  • Demonic Tzu
  • BillN